California car accident that wasn't my fault

How Do I Sue For A California Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

You may be asking yourself, how do I deal with a California car accident that wasn’t my fault?

If you are looking for a car accident attorney in Woodland Hills, California, or anywhere else in California for a California car accident that wasn’t your fault, call (818) 657-8039 now for your consultation

This is a difficult process where you have to go through a lot of hurdles and legal issues. Even if you are partially involved in a car accident, things might not work in your favor.

Besides, you may not have the proper information about the rules and regulations of driving vehicles in California. Even if you have little knowledge, it is wise to work with car accident attorneys. That way, you can have fair compensation to cover your loss.


Located around Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills is an upscaling neighborhood. A short trip from the Woodland hills lies the popular beaches of Malibu. Furthermore, it is bordered by Topanga, Tarzana, and Calabasas.

The green and lush environment in this region have been the center of attraction for people residing in Woodland Hills. Besides, it is a great place for biking and hiking. The region has everything that gives you the right atmosphere to unwind and enjoy nature in its true sense.

Whether you are interested in exploring the outdoors or even shopping around, Woodland Hills has everything that you need. It has all the attractions and activities that provide you with a fun-filled, and entertaining experience. The delicious food, live music, and lively bars make Woodland Hills California a vibrant and unique destination.


There is no shortage of horrible accidents that Woodland Hills California witnessed in the last few years and the numbers are on a rise. Distracted drivers cause most car accidents. As such, it results in catastrophic back and head injuries.

A report published way back in 2011 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that over 9 million car accidents occurred during 2009 in the US. There have been several accidents in the last few years on Ventura Boulevard, Dumetz Road, Platt Avenue, and other areas around the 101 Freeway near Woodland Hills.

With texting and cell phone use while driving on a steep rise, the number of casualties is increasing dramatically. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to survive in an accident or if your loved one died in a violent car crash on Woodland Hills California roads, get help from a reputable law firm to recover damages even if you are partially involved in the accident.


Several reasons lead to car accidents. You may be a careful and diligent driver, but not everyone on the road pays attention while driving. Here are some common reasons that result in car accidents.


Each year, thousands of deaths and injuries are caused due to rash driving resulting from drunk driving. The ability to drive properly gets hindered when someone drinks and that can result in dire consequences when operating a car.

All the 50 states in America have a legal limit for BAC, blood alcohol concentration. If the level rises to 0.08 or even higher, it is considered a DUI. It means that if your BAC level measures 0.08 or even higher, certain physical effects of intoxication begin to resurface.

When a person reaches this level, distance viewing, peripheral vision, reflexes, reasoning, and glare become impairments to the driver. As a result, accidents are more likely to occur.


It is a common sight to see a driver ignoring speed limits. Many drivers even go up to 10, 20, or 30 mph from the existing speed limit in a specific area. However, this can result in a very dangerous and serious car accident.

When you drive your car at high-speed levels, the reaction time from your end becomes slower. As a result, you can’t prevent an accident from happening. To practice safe driving, you can utilize the 3-second rule.

It involves maintaining a three-second distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. As such, it gives you adequate reaction time if anything goes south.


Distractions when driving are the main reasons for car accidents. Common distractions include the following.

  • Talking over the phone
  • Texting
  • Trying to grab other objects inside the car
  • Reading a book
  • Distracted by certain objects outside the car
  • Applying makeup
  • Eating food

Accidents will occur and whenever something unfortunate happens, get the right help from car accident attorneys.

If you are looking for a car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, California, or anywhere else in California for a California car accident that wasn’t your fault, call (818) 657-8039 now for your consultation


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