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Car Accident Settlements

When you are in an accident, you want to make certain that you can get the biggest settlement that you can get. So here are some tips so that you can get a large structured settlement.

1. Make sure the evidence at the scene is secure

You want to make sure that, without a doubt, the company knows that you are not at fault. So you want to make sure that everything is as it was in the accident.

2. Don’t make assumptions about injuries

Many injuries don’t show up until later, so you don’t want to assume that you aren’t injured.

3. Keep up to date with appointments

Go to see a doctor, even if you don’t feel injured, and make sure to keep your appointments. If you don’t go to the doctor, then it will be harder to explain to the insurance company that you are really hurt.

4. Keep track of lost wages

Make certain that you have doctors notes for days that you have missed after the accident and keep track of what you have lost in your wages.

5. Don’t start low in negotiations

One of the rules of thumb is that the insurance company wont ever go higher, but they will come down. So don’t start at the lowest amount you’ll settle for, but start higher. This way you have negotiating power without losing anything.

These are just a few of the things to remember when you have been in an accident and are expecting a settlement. If you remember these tips, they will help you to get a larger settlement from the insurance company.

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